How do you love spending your days ? 

For the past few years I am constantly traveling to teach. When teaching, my days are pretty much set to a standard wake up time and a full day program of sharing Yogic practices and wisdom with amazing people all over the world! It is my passion. When I am back home in Athens I really enjoy long walks with my dog, I try to make up for the time I am gone, and it is really the hardest thing about being away from home so much. Of course I love the family and friends time when home.

What is important to you in your life? 

Relationships and quality time alone. Through our connection to the world around us we can understand ourselves. Our relationships are precious. Relationships with people, animals, mother earth. Quality time alone is necessary to reflect and meditate.

What do you love doing? 

I love yoga, surprise surprise! Other than that I love the beach. I grew up in Greece, so I love everything summer related. I love to surf, it is similar to yoga in many ways, you are in the moment. I Love the music and I love dancing. I love spending time with my dog. 

What kind of a yoga teacher are you? 

It is difficult to describe oneself in that way. My students have repeatedly used the expression “peaceful force” to describe the feeling of my teachings. If there is any truth in that, I may be doing a good job ;-p. I would describe my self as what may seem to be a controversial person/teacher, but that is because I embrace diversity and relativity in the material world. Ultimately when talking about the absolute, there is no controversy, is there?

What can participants expect to experience in your yoga classes? 

Movement, breath, heat, alignment, discipline, playfulness, inner calm, self-reflection. Why are we really here?

What is your speciality as a yoga teacher?

I think it would be my diverse background of classical and modern yoga that allows for a wide spectrum of yogic philosophy and lifestyle incorporated into a rigorous physical practice that ultimately everyone can relate to.

What does yoga mean to you?

At this point in my life yoga means peace. It means finding that inner strength and calm n the ever changing river of life while at the same time feeling as an organic extension of everything that surrounds me and trusting the flow of that river. 

When one participates to RYT500 training with you what kind of yoga will she/he be studying? 

​There is ultimately one yoga, and this is what we will concentrate on. Our specific path is through Vinyasa Krama, philosophically based on classical and traditional Yoga Scripture, with modern knowledge of physical anatomy and biomechanics. Ultimately though, the aim is to use the method in an intelligent way to experience yoga, which is itself beyond methods.

Where do you train yoga teachers other than at HIMA?

I have trained so far in Greece, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Cyprus, Jordan, USA, Germany and Finland. Canada is scheduled for the summer 2016.

How long have you been teaching yoga?

14 years, 12 years full time.

What is your favorite asana and why? 

I don’t have one! Or All?? Through the practice of Vinyasa Krama we learn equanimity

How long should one have been teaching yoga before participating to RYT500 hour training?

It is good to have some experience teaching, 2 yrs or more of teaching prior to RYT500 would be most beneficial for you!

What is a typical day like in RYT500 Yoga Teacher Training with you? 

Not sure if there is a typical day! Besides our set time schedule, the practice and the materials that need to get covered, we will be co-creating the days. So each day is different and it very much depends on the group of people that I have in front of me. One of the perks of advanced teachings is to leave your “set” or “typical” program behind, get to know your students, meet them where they’re at, recognize group dynamics, and then intelligently lead the group AND the individual from there. Each day is a new day and it needs to be treated as such, and we are somewhat new each day.

Any tips on how one could prepare myself for the training?

Practice practice practice, reflect reflect reflect!!! :-)