(RYT 500)

Do you want to…

Take your career as a yoga teacher to the next level?

Develop your teaching skills and deepen your knowledge in yoga with one of the best yoga teacher trainers in Europe?

Make bigger and even more positive impact in the world by teaching yoga?

Grow your income to live a life that feels good to you and make it as a yoga teacher in this competitive business?

Have a clear plan on how to design your career so that you don´t burn out and still have enough money to sustain the life you want?

Fall in love with yoga again as a student?

Have your own yoga sister/brother mastermind group ready to support you in every step of the way? 

Have a teacher with wise and beautiful soul, who has diverse background of classical and modern yoga both in philosophy and biomechanics, asanawork and meditation, who has the most warm heart and welcoming energy, to whom yoga means peace and finding your inner strength, who has deep understanding of energies, who is called a “peaceful force” by her students and travels the world by teaching yoga, who is grounded and balanced yet very spiritual. Who owns a thriving yoga business and is ready to lead you to live your full potential as a yoga teacher?

If you are a certified yoga teacher and answered YES to any of the above questions, our advanced yoga teacher training might be just what you have been looking for.

Now Open for Applications for 2016 training,Helsinki, Finland



At HIMA we train our teachers to be fully qualified to teach all levels of yoga classes both to groups and individuals. Students will gain deep understanding on how to teach yoga to different kind of people including personalized yoga programs to individuals and groups with special needs.

We get asked a lot “what style of yoga is being taught in the training?”

Our amazing Lead trainer Tanya Popovich answers “There is ultimately one yoga, and this is what we will concentrate on. Our specific path is through Vinyasa Krama, philosophically based on classical and traditional Yoga Scripture, with modern knowledge of physical anatomy and biomechanics. Ultimately though, the aim is to use the method in an intelligent way to experience yoga, which is itself beyond methods.”

Read Tanyas Interview here

Techniques and yoga therapeutics

This module gives you deep and detailed look into sun salutations and major asana families such as standing, balancing, forward bends, backbends, twists, inversions, arm balances, hip openers and core strengthening.

In depth asana studies include:

  • Alignment principles
  • Benefits
  • isks
  • Alignment and movements of energy in asana
  • Preparatory poses, strengthening, counter poses and assists for advanced asana
  • Variations, modifications and use of props
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Transitioning in and out of poses
  • Application of bhandha in Asana
  • Therapeutic applications: Working with Injuries, Spinal issues, Anxiety, Depression, etc.
  • Specialized Teaching such as teaching in institutional settings (schools, prisons, treatment centers), corporate yoga, and teaching yoga to athletes, senior citizens, etc.

After this module you understand the use of physical adjustments and learn different types of assisting depending on a student.

Intelligent sequencing & teaching methodology

In this module you will learn intelligent sequencing (Vinyasa Krama) according to level, intention, energy, theme and other considerations of the students.

You will also learn how to design beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes for groups and private clients and how to develop themed course curriculums that run over a limited period of time such as courses for yoga studios, yoga workshops and yoga retreats.

Understanding how to use your voice in order to create desired affect and atmosphere is essential to advanced yoga teacher. In our training you get deep understanding of advanced ways to create desired atmosphere using your voice as a tool. You will also learn systematical instruction of poses and verbal adjustments. Understand the difference of action commands and passive instruction will benefit your teaching.

Anatomy & Physiology

Yoga anatomy and physiology plays important role in our training program. You will study both physical and subtle anatomy.

You will dive deep into biomechanics and kinesiology in asana practice and teaching yoga. The emphasis is on how to use all of this knowledge to become a better yoga teacher.

Anatomy studies gives you detailed and systematic approach to:

  • blood circulation, and effects of yoga on circulation,
  • visceral anatomy and effects of asanas on viscera,
  • nervous system – precautions and positive effects of yoga on nervous system,
  • embryologic bodytypes,
  • neuroanatomy of the brain and effects of yoga on the brain
  • how yoga can benefit people with systemic illness, precautions in students with systemic illness

Subtle anatomy studies include in depth study of prana, vayus, nadis, chakras, gunas and doshas and their applications in yoga classes.

Yoga Philosophy, lifestyle and ethics

We at HIMA love yoga philosophy and you will get lot´s of that love when you enroll in our advanced teacher training,

Through interactive lectures, discussions and tasks to do independently, you will deepen your knowledge of Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishad, Yoga sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and contemporary yoga philosophy.

You will learn how to apply your knowledge of yoga philosophy in everyday life and in teaching yoga.

This part of the training has two central goals. 1) It allows you to understand the living a life of a yogi based on balanced exercise, nutrition and rest, and positive thinking and meditation. 2) You will also understand teaching based on tradition, guidance from one’s teacher and one’s own personal experience and teaching yoga as a service.


You will deepen your knowledge and own practice of meditation, relaxation techniques, mantras and chanting.

This module includes the theory and practice of concentration.

You will learn many different meditation techniques and guidelines on establishing a regular practice.

You will be introduced into the six yogic practices (neti, dhauti, nauli, basti, kapalbhati, trataka) for physical and mental purification and balance.

You will also learn the pure meaning of shatkarmas and their relationship to doshas and advanced yogic practices.


Pranayama studies are very important in our advanced yoga teacher training,

After this module you´ll understand how, when and what type of Pranayama to teach depending on the student’s ability, need and level of practice, and how to intelligently progress. You´ll learn many different pranayama techniques and asanas, bhandhas and mudras relevant to pranayama.

A detailed, systematic, step by step approach to practicing and teaching Pranayama.

Business of Yoga

Yoga business is booming almost every where in the world these days and still most of the yoga teachers are earning very little money and are barely able to support themselves. We want to give you tools to change that.

In this module, you’ll learn how to truly be successful in the yoga business. We will give you the foundation to build your own yoga business, with or without a physical location.

You will learn how to market your services effectively and how to plan, organize and advertise sold out yoga workshops and retreats. You will also get an overview on how to manage your own yoga studio.


You will learn how to teach beginner, intermediate, advanced, mixed level and specialized yoga classes as well as individual yoga programs.

This part of the program will help you develop and deepen your own unique teaching style and expand your teaching skills by observing other teachers lead live classes.

You will get feedback and recommendations from Tanya and your peers to further develop your teaching.


The training will be held in Helsinki, Finland from September 2016 to June 2017. We will meet in three twelve day intensives over a period of ten months.


05 – 16 Septemper 2016

18 – 29 January 2017

22 May – 2 June 2017

We start the days early in the morning and finish at 4pm – 4.30 pm. Around noon everyday is one hour lunch brake.

Each intensive has daily practice and some or all of the following:

anatomy, physiology, subtle anatomy, asana technique, yoga therapeutics, philosophy, sequencing, teaching methodology, assisting/adjusting, auyerveda, meditation, pranayama, business, practicum


You are going to have a blast with Tanya. This is her telling what you can expect when you enroll in the training: 

“Not sure if there is a typical day! 

Besides our set time schedule, the practice and the materials that need to get covered, we will be co-creating the days. So each day is different and it very much depends on the group of people that I have in front of me. One of the perks of advanced teachings is to leave your “set” or “typical” program behind, get to know your students, meet them where they’re at, recognize group dynamics, and then intelligently lead the group AND the individual from there. Each day is a new day and it needs to be treated as such, and we are somewhat new each day.​”


We know how very important it is to find a teacher that resonates with you and feels just right. Below you can get to know our faculty. You will be spending a lot of time with our Lead trainer Tanya since she will be teaching over 200 hours in the training. If after reading about Tanya and her interview, you still wonder if she is the right teacher for you or not, pls feel free to give her a call over skype. You can find her by her skype name T. P.


E-RYT 500, Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga by Yoga Vedanta Forrest Academy), Jivamukti Yoga Certified Teacher, Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainer, Swaha Yoga Center Founder, 200-hr and 500-hr Teacher Training Director, International Yoga Therapy Institute Faculty & Athens Manager, Yoga Love-in Founder

Learn more about Tanya here and about her yoga studio here

I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation at the age of fourteen, as my parents had long been TM practitioners. Dealing with loss and change at that time, my meditation practice became the one thing that was stable and constant. I studied Fine Arts and Design at the University of LaVerne, and read loads of books by sages and masters. After my University graduation I travelled to Rishikesh and immersed into a yogic lifestyle at The Divine Life Society. There I discovered Integral Yoga, addressing person’s complete make-up – Physical, Vital, Mental, Psychic, and Spiritual. In this beautiful setting, I also learned about the life of Swami Sivanada and his close disciples and was highly inspired by those saints and lives they lived.

In the following decade I had dedicated myself to studying Yogic practices in both the East and West. Through classical, integral systems such as Sivanada Yoga and Satyananda Yoga, I learned to practice and teach yoga for the whole being, integrating all its parts from physical to spiritual. Through Anusara Yoga I met teachers that taught me the complex yet unbelievably intelligent biomechanics of the body. Through Unnata® Yoga I learned to elevate my practice in the air and access alignment through relaxation. Finally through Jivamukti Yoga I am applying ancient teachings in the modern world through actively living and creating in it, because we can make a difference!

In 2011 I co-founded Swaha Yoga Center in Athens, Greece, the first Jivamukti Yoga Affiliated Center, as well as the first Aerial Yoga School and the first Yoga Therapy Institute in Greece. Being a strong advocate of Unity in Diversity, at Swaha we offer a wide variety of classes and teacher trainings. Through those we address all aspects of one’s being: physical, vital, mental/emotional, cognitive and spiritual, in a non-dogmatic, approachable and fun way.

Since I started traveling and teaching outside of borders of Greece, idea of Yoga Love-ins was born – gatherings where likeminded people come together to share their love of yoga, nurture one’s own and each other’s spiritual growth and develop compassion and brotherhood.

I hope that through my teachings I can inspire peace, love and compassion for oneself and one another. For if we find peace within we can more peacefully live with others; love more, quarrel less, until one day we recognize we are one and the same.


We asked some frequently asked questions from Tanya, so that you could get to know her little better


Osteopathy Bachelor of Science, Teaching anatomy and body consciousness courses from 2012 onwards, Teaching anatomy in yoga teacher trainings since 2013 (Iyengar + flow yoga teacher trainings), Iyengar teacher training Level 1 certificate 2015 – looking to graduate as an Iyengaryoga teacher 2016 (after accomplishing level 2)

Jutta owns her own osteopathy practice​

Jutta has been interested in training body skills since young age starting with synchronized swimming in the youth, moving eventually to yoga through dance, somatic studies like contact improvisation, Alexander technique, Continuum movement and even a little circus as a young adult.

Movement has played so important role in her life that figuring out her career it was impossible to think doing anything which involves prolonged sitting or being bodily passive. Osteopathy studies offered a perfect choice for Jutta since the work is actually all about movement as well as listening, learning, using cognitive skills and problem solving all focused on healing.

When Jutta was studying anatomy in osteopathy school she had hard times not falling asleep during long theoretical lectures. That´s why Jutta had to go and “redo” anatomy in her own practise, at a studio, finding all the anatomy parts in her own body through movement. She also participated to a “experimental anatomy” course aimed at dancers, which, along with her own way of learning anatomy, struck her to start developing her own method of teaching anatomy through practice – through real time, sensory experience.

After graduating to be an osteopath she started to work on her lectures and courses in experimental anatomy and body consciousness which led her to local Iyengar Studio in Helsinki where she got a warm welcome to try the classes after keeping an anatomy session there.

After a lot of experience in various body skill training methods, intense anatomy studying and teaching she found something new from Iyengar classes, a new way to discover the body. The journey of discovery has been continuing weekly after that since 2012 in gentle but firm care of her yoga teacher. It does not seize to amaze Jutta how profoundly the body can be learned and discovered deeper again and again, not forgetting the whole packet of humanity that comes along with it.

Iyengar yoga has offered Jutta a perfect tool to teach experimental, -in body- anatomy in practice and she is passionate to share her insights with the world.

MÅNS BROO (Philosophy)

Måns began his yogic path in his late teens, when he joined the Hare Krishnas and lived in an ashrama, devoting himself fully to the path of bhakti-yoga. After about a year he moved back into the world, trying to apply the teachings he learned in the ashrama, and also delving more deeply into the teachings of the tradition of Krishna-bhakti. These studies eventually led to a Ph.D. in Comparative Religion from Åbo Akademi University, Finland, where he works as adjunct professor.

Måns has also studied Sanskrit at Uppsala University, Sweden, and (together with Martin Gansten) published a critically acclaimed first ever complete translation of the principal Upanishads into Swedish. He has published an introduction to the Hindu scriptures in Swedish and a book of religious poetry in Sanskrit. He is also the editor-in-chief of a Finnish yoga-magazine Ananda and teaches and writes about yoga philosophy.​​


“I completed my 200hr RYT training with Tanya years ago in Amorgos, Greece. As I continue my own practice of yoga and taken many different classes, the more I understand the value of Tanya‘s strong and compassionate teaching style. Tanya always made me feel safe and cared for, while pushing me to my fullest potential. She emphasized the importance of the Yoga Sutras, and always integrated asana practice with yoga philosophy. Tanya is a responsible and inspiring teacher, and her teachings continue to be a powerful force in my life.”

Evy Vourlides, New York City, USA

“Throughout my yoga teacher training I was impressed and inspired by Tanya‘s depth of knowledge on yoga and it’s philosophy. She is someone who really walks the walk and lives her practice. Her actions always expressed a deep respect for the tradition which deepened my own fascination and respect for it. Tanya really emphasized the important of alignment of each of the asanas, and how to most respectfully and effectively assist students in class. This has been a huge take away for me in my own teaching. What also struck me about Tanya, was her willingness to share from her own journey so that her students could learn from her experiences both in practice and in business. She showed us how to merge the two without compromising the tradition or ourselves. Thank you Tanya!”

Maria Macsay, New York City, USA

“My teacher Tanya has a great smile, she lights up the room wherever she goes. It’s a pleasure to just listen to her talk, watch her teach and of course participate in her classes. For me these are important things for a person, especially for a teacher as dedicated as she is to yoga. Down to earth, yet up to the clouds when she needs to inspire. Close to the students, with meaningful insight and lots of, lots of information and knowledge. She manages to remain calm, passionate and at the same time offer her best at every opportunity. Truly, a teacher that you need to get to know better.”

Harry Giovanopoulos, Athens, Greece​

“I completed my first 200hr Hatha/Vinyasa training with Tanya last summer 2015 and it was incredible. The knowledge, passion and talent of Tanya and her team provided me with a solid foundation on which to build my practice and teaching. She taught with such compassion and humility that she will always be an inspiration to myself for years to come.
The training far exceeded my expectations and, from my understanding, the 200hr criteria of Yoga Alliance. Tanya‘s knowledge of Vedanta philosophy and Yogic tradition ensured that her training was delivered in depth, whilst being sympathetic to the roots of yoga. It was inspiring to learn how eastern yogic principles can serve us in modern times and I hope to attend more trainings with Tanya and Swaha Yoga in the future. This training changed my whole perspective on life and I’m forever grateful for her teachings.
With love and gratitude,”

David Dauncey, Durham, UK

Tanya as a teacher: Tanya is my teacher since 2012. It was summer 2012 when I was looking for a studio in Athens to continue my practice and I found Tanya‘s Swaha Yoga Center and got “hooked”. Usually teachers who I had known until then focused only on physical exercise and no philosophy or meditation. Tanya is devoted to her students, and her passion to serve and guide is indescribable. In her classes every time I feel that I have her full attention as if it was a personal lesson. No matter how many people Tanya has in her class, and no matter the level, I always feel she is right next to me ensuring for my proper alignment in every position and giving me the appropriate variations for my body. In her classes I work hard yet still feel refreshed. I feel my muscles becoming stronger and more flexible and I have more energy. She guides proper breathing and I gain full concentration! After a few lessons with Tanya you realise that she has so much knowledge in all aspects of yoga because it is her way of life. The amazing thing is she transfers her knowledge in a very accessible, human, modern and humorous way. 

In the summer of 2015 I participated in her teacher training program at Swaha Yoga Center, and that was one of the most important experiences of my life. During the training I understood that she has an intense love and passion for teaching and the ability to lead in a way that makes you reach your fullest potential. She will safely push your body to expand its limits in a creative way, with very imaginative asana sequences. At the same time her classes foster thinking and expand your mind. Also her philosophical approach and the way it makes me see things helped me to relax, to love myself and all around me. I have a more optimistic perspective at my daily life, I am more conscious of my choices and decisions! Tanya never ceases to think of herself as a student and continues to train. For this reason I will never stop thinking about her as my teacher and I continue to participate in her trainings and workshops. I have gratitude for her continuous guidance, courage and inspiration she gives me! 

Anyone who considers participating in Tanya‘s classes, I would say that would be a wonderful experience, a journey toward self-knowledge and love!”

Rebeca Goggos, Athens, Greece

“I have had the opportunity to practice with different teachers in different cities and when I met Tanya in Munich I became a regular in her classes. I like her strong and creative sequences which are always challenging and rewarding. She guides you with an amazing smooth voice, to become aware of the important -not so obvious – alignment details of your own body.
I also learned to recognize my breath patterns and to practice different breathing techniques in her breathing and meditation classes as a tool to improve my living quality.

Tanya inspired my yoga practice in many levels: physical, mental, spiritual… I considered her an experienced and honest teacher, a teacher with integrity.

For all these reasons I decided to do my first yoga teacher training with her and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience that has served me to shift my life perception forever.
The program, the team and the books she chose are truly jewels of wisdom that made me an integral teacher and being.
I’m thankful that our paths have crossed and I’m looking forward to my next training with Tanya!”

Katy Fernandez Pardal, Los Angeles, CA

Tanya struck me from the moment I saw her as a powerful, knowledgeable, wise, confident and strong woman. This is the same aura she maintained and resonated steadily throughout the entire teacher training I attended with her. I was proud to know her immediately and to be in her presence throughout. I was proud that I was going to learn, grow and have the opportunity to be in an intense training with her. I wanted to emanate pieces of her aura and incorporate them into the parts of me that needed it. I truly hope and believe I did after that training in September 2014 too and continue to do so always.​

I feel that I’m a stronger, wiser, more diligent, dedicated, committed, aware, more courageous and enhanced of a person and yogi after her training, in major part due to her, her design of the training and who she is. She truly has the ability to move mountains and it shows. Yet, as she’s teaching you how to do it, she will also remind you of how quickly they can be torn down, so you healthily stay in a good place. 

She teaches balance. She strives to give her work her fullest, and it shows. She understands her students, yet pushes them to achieve no less than their true potential either. She demonstrates commitment to continual growth in philosophy, discipline, learning, practicing, health, teaching and being an amazing yogi. At the same time, when the time is right, she’ll laugh, dance, sing, loves people and animals and will let you know to come to her if you need anything.

The breath of her knowledge is expressed greatly in her asana and text classes. I felt like I was always learning and trying something new, was always challenged by her, and I always looked forward to it and wanted to show her my best. I always felt like her knowledge was coming from vast and deep places and valued being a part of her training for a multitude of reasons I understood then and continued to grow to understand later too. She earns great respect from students and returns it when earned equally. I feel very grateful to have known her in this setting and to be able to keep in touch with her as someone to look up to always. I will always follow her many excursions and lessons learning, emanating and striving to maintain that part in me of what I so strongly admire to be like her, and that’s a rare wonderful thing! :-)”

Shelly Grabiak, Florida, USA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The training is conducted at the unique and beautiful HIMA Happiness House that is designed for good life, yoga and happy moments.

From HIMA Happiness House you will find our Organic Café for healthy eating, beautiful sea views that make studying more rewarding and 2 yoga rooms.

The seaside house is conveniently located on a quiet street in the central area of Helsinki, in Siltavuorenranta.

There are many hotels near by if you are participating from outside Helsinki or Finland. We are more than happy to assist you finding a good place for accommodation while visiting us. 


We acknowledge that investing in your yoga education is a big decision. When you invest in an education with HIMA Happiness, you’re investing in a high quality, professional certification.

We want to make sure that you get the value, experience and credentials you are looking for – not just empty words.

That is why we have carefully selected our international teaching faculty and designed the course curriculum to meet the highest possible standards, so that you are able to get the best tools, knowledge and practices to take your yoga career and practice to the next level.


-350€ (4635€)

VALID TILL 30 June 2016


Early Bird Price valid till 

30 June 2016

4635 EUR (save 350 euros)

You can pay the price as follows:

500 euros right after being accepted to training

4135 euros in August 2016


500 euros right after being accepted to training

1108,75 euros in August 2016

1108,75 euros in October 2016

1108,75 euros in November 2016

1108,75 euros in January 2017

(with this option there is 300 euro increase in price)

Normal Price from 

1 July 2016

4985 EUR

You can pay the price as follows:

500 euros right after being accepted to training

4485 euros in August 2016


500 euros right after being accepted to training

1196,25 euros in August 2016

1196,25 euros in October 2016

1196,25 euros in November 2016

1196,25 euros in January 2017

(with this option there is 300 euro increase in price)

Once your application is approved, a 500 EUR deposit will reserve your space

In case you need more payment options, pls contact us by e-mail

Please note: All payments are non-refundable


You are more than welcome to send your application if you are already a certified yoga teacher. It is good to have some experience teaching, 2 years or more of teaching prior to RYT500 would be most beneficial for you!

To apply please send us an e-mail with headline Application for RYT500 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and answer to the questions below:

  • Name, address, e-mail, phone nbr, date of birth,
  • Where and when did you get your RYT 200 yoga teacher training
  • How Did You Find Out About Our Teacher Training?
  • Do You Have Any Injuries Or Health Conditions?
  • How Long Have You Practiced Yoga?
  • What Is Your Preferred Style Of Yoga? How Many Times A Week Do You Practice?
  • Practice Experience: What Styles Are You Familiar With?
  • Do You Have A Meditation Or Pranayama Practice (How Much/How Often)?
  • Why Do You Practice Yoga?
  • Are You A Teacher Now? Where? How Long Have You Been Teaching?
  • Teachers With Whom You’ve Studied:
  • What Do You Hope To Gain From Our Program?
  • What Areas Do You Struggle With In Your Practice And What Areas Are Easier For You?
  • Attach your RYT200 Yoga Teacher training certificate to your application with your photo.

If you have any questions we are more than happy to help you.

For more information please call us +358 50 439 9940.

What happens after sending your application?

Once we receive your application we go through it with our training team and will contact you within one week by e-mail or phone.


We encourage you to look inside and listen to your heart. Deep down, you know what is right for you and what you truly desire.

This unique training is an opportunity that could be the start of a whole new chapter in your life and career. If this is something you truly desire, then take the change and apply today. 

But we don´t want anyone who does not feel our training to be right for for them to participate, so if you are feeling that this could be your training but not quite sure yet, then pls don´t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions and can help you decide whether we are right fit for each other or not. You can contact Tanya over the skype. Find her by her skype name T. P. or e-mail or call Laura (the course director) +358 50 4399940. Laura also speaks finnish. 

All of us at HIMA have participated to many trainings over the years and there is something that almost always happens when we are about to enroll in a new training. First we get all excited and feel that the training is so right for us and that we really want to do it but then it gets us. We start second-quessing ourselves. All of the questions like “Do I really have time for this now?” ” Where on earth can I find the money for this?” Am I ready to participate?” What if everyone else is much more advanced than me?” starts to fill our heads and the certainty that we just had is gone.

If you are experiencing this I just want to tell you that we have come to learn that taking advantage of the opportunities that we have truly felt excitement towards have brought us so much fulfilment and joy that it has been worth the risk every time. Once we have made the decision to give that training for ourselves and started making arrangements to make that happen, suddenly everything has started to work out. We have always found a way to fund the trainings, found the time and everytime realized how big of an impact the decision to participate have been. Dreams do come true you know. Please trust in that and in yourself. 

Fear have always presented itself just before the decision, but following our dreams anyway have been so rewarding.

If you truly want to take the next step in your life as a yoga teacher then make the decision and do what ever it takes for you to be able to participate. Whether it is our training that you feel most suitable for you or some else. In any case, make your dreams come true. Everything is possible if you really decide to do it. 

Your dreams can come true!